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This page shortly explains the City Generation pipeline using Open Street Maps.


The Open Street Maps pipeline consists of the following sequence of steps:

  • GIS Satellite Imagery
  • GIS World Heights
  • GIS Water
  • Open Street Maps
  • Finalization

Open Street Maps

The OSM Data layer currently used contains several types of data:

  • roads
  • places
  • railways
  • buildings
  • natural
  • landuse

These sublayers contain geometries that are labeled with OSM-tags. The TygronEngine uses a mapping from OSM tags to functions and land types, to convert the geometries into 3D world constructions and landss. An example of a mapping is:
Osm Data Layer: buildings
List of matching tags: "playground"
priority 55
Tygron Function: Playground

An OSM building geometry containing the tag playground will be matched to a Playground Function in the Tygron Platform.


Unfortunately, the used OSM layers currently only contain data from the state of New York. World coverage is still in development by ESRI.