How to adjust the foliage height and crown factor

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Please note: This page is currently being updated.

How to adjust fhe foliage height and crown factor:

  1. Add the Heat Stress overlay
  2. Open the Configuration Wizard
  3. Choose the DPRA model
  4. Choose in step 3.1 for the first option: use tree functions height and foliage crown factor
  5. Click in the next step on the Adjust Function Values button
  6. In the Function values table that pops up, set the category filter on Nature and the group filter on Environment to see the tree functions.
  7. Change the Foliage crown factor to the desired value by double clicking on the number to change and when done typing, press Enter.
  8. Set the group filter on Construction and change the Floor height m attribute to the desired value.
  9. When the values are adjusted, close the Function values table and proceed with the Heat wizard.


  • When you have chosen to import foliage height areas or a foliage height GeoTIFF, the already present tree constructions in the 3D world are ignored.
  • When changing the Function values of a function, all these functions that exists in your project, will be updated with the new values.
  • The Function values table is designed by default to not show all functions. Click on the Add buton to add other tree functions for example. See also the How to add Functions for editing page.

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