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Welcome to the Wiki, this page provides a index of the the most used features in the Tygron Platform. If you can't find what you are looking for, please use the search bar in the upper right corner to search for other articles. If you notice anything is missing or outdated please contact us.

News Getting started Basics Advanced

January 20th 2023 Update on Preview to Version 2023.5.1RoadmapOlder release notes
New:DXF formatGeoShareCombo OverlayGeo Plugins

Input Calculations Output Interface

Wizards:New Project WizardImporting Geo Data
Raster Data:GeoTIFFWMS
3D Models:CityGMLI3S
More:DrawingPrequelsAutomate matchingESRI Arcgis OnlineSources

Environmental:HeatTraffic NoiseTraffic NO2Aerius
Other:DTMDSMNetwork DistanceAPI Triggers

Data:TQL QueriesExport Geo dataMeasuring tool
Excel: IndicatorsPanels Visualization:3D User InterfaceMovie CinematicsEnvironment

Current Situation:BuildingsTerrainsNeighborhoodsZoningPlotsAreasNetworksOverlaysIndicatorsPanelsGlobals
Future Design:ActionsMeasuresParametricAttribute ActionLeveeUpgradesEvents