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  • How can I change the texture, color or shape of a 3D model?
You can change the look of most 3D models manually in the editor, only Landmarks are fixed in their appearances. You can select the model you would like to change in the 3D world or from the list of present buildings, and change color and texture on the right side of the editor window. You can also change the shape of most models by using the brush functionality.
See also: How to draw constructions and Changing constructions
  • How do I import new 3D models?
You can upload most Geo file formats in the Tygron Platform with the Geo Data Wizard. It is advised to first read the following articles:
-Geo Data
-How to prepare Geo Data
If you already have a speciffic 3D model you would like to use, the model needs to adhere to the following: Tygron Platform 3D model guidelines (PDF)
  • How do I delete 3D models?
You can select the model to be deleted in the 3D world or from the list of buildings. You can then select to remove the building.
See also: Removing constructions
  • Why do the 3D models float in the 3D world?
If imported buildings float, usually the floor/ ground level attribute is not correctly configured in the Geo data file used for the import. When the building is already generated by the Tygron Platform, the most common cause is that the building is close to an edge or other difference in terrain elevation and due to rounding off of grid cells or height sectors the building (partially) floats.