Version 2021.8.8

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Version 2021.8.8 is released on (Preview) on Feb 12th 2021


  • Added timeframe support to Subsidence Overlay.
  • Added the option to set the simulation start year.
  • Added more configurable Climate model parameters to the wizard.
  • Added feedback about the Climate model
  • Improved subsidence WIKI pages.
  • Limited max subsidence to top layer * peat fraction.


  • Added extra logging of user activity (e.g. add/remove user) for domain admins.
  • Added extra logging of security incidents (e.g. false password login) for domain admins.
  • API endpoint for session logging has moved: /api/logs/mydomain/ -> /api/logs/sessions/.
  • Bugfix for concurrent modifications in API calls.


  • Improved client performance when executing large Measures.
  • Improved client performance for large/complex building polygons.
  • Improved server memory handling, allowing more projects active.


  • Added new 3D models for (electricity) transmission towers.
  • Improved geo mapping of open land.
  • Bugfix for loop in Prequel Overlays.
  • Bugfix for height map issues at sea.
  • Bugfix in Measure levees.
  • Several smaller bug fixes.