Distance Sight (Overlay)

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Distance Sight Overlay

This Distance Sight Overlay is an overlay that combines the Distance Zone as defined by constructions with the direct line of sight for these constructions. The distance zone is always a circle situated around the affected construction(s).
The radius of this circle can be adjusted in the function value table.
The Distance Sight Overlay becomes available for all stakeholders when added to a project.
This overlay can be activated by clicking the corresponding icon on the minimap. When activated the Distance Sight Overlay displays 3 colors, red, yellow and green. Different colors mean different distances of the object with the distance zone to other objects in the 3D World.


  • Red: Nearby = - 217
  • Yellow: Average distance = 0
  • Green: Far away = 127

Additional information displayed in hover panel

The distance of the selected object which has a distance zone is displayed

When clicking on a specific location on the map, the hover panel gives additional information of the distance from the clicked location to the object which has a distance zone.