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The Tygron Platform consists of 2 parts. The Editor, used for editing and making changes to your projects, and the User Interface used for testing, previewing and ultimately deploying your project, its basics were described in the previous article. We'll now explain a basic overview of The Editor, starting by describing the different components. Then we'll explain navigating and use of the different interface elements. Each element has a more detailed description referenced with a main article link.

Editor layout

Main article: Editor.

The editor is composed of several sections: the Ribbon, the left panel, the Virtual 3D World, the right panel, and the bottom panel. Each editor panel has its own distinct functionality.

The Tygron Editor. The Ribbon at the top of the screen, the Left Panel on the left side of the screen, the User Main Interface in the center of the screen, the Right Panel on the right side of the screen, and the Bottom Panel at the bottom of the screen.