Point-based construction (Water Overlay)

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Point based constructions are constructions for which their geometry is interpreted as a single point.

Examples of point based constructions are the following hydraulic structures:

Icon Name Name
Waterwizard icon inlet.png Inlet Conditional flow from external area to inlet location.
Waterwizard icon sewer overflow.png Sewer overflow Conditional flow from sewer to waterway, based on sewer overflow height.

Center point

A method to obtain a point from a geometry is to calculate the geometric center point of a geometry. The method used by Tygron Platform is similar to [1]. See the following examples:

  • Simple square polygon.
  • Simple circular polygon.
  • Road polygon.

The method above is simple, but not robust in all cases. See the following two cases:

  • Case one: Buffered multi-line polygon.
  • Case two: Multi polygon.

In case one, the construction's geometry is a complex polygon. Its centroid lies outside its geometry.
In case two, the construction's geometry is a multi-polygon. Its centroid is in between the two rectangle polygons.
Generally, these kind of polygons are undesirable for a point-based construction.

General advice

  • The point-based constructions should be supplied as simple rectangle or circular polygons.
  • The geometry should consist of only one polygon. In the case of constructions, use only one section.

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