Seepage GeoTiffs (Water Overlay)

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Groundwater seepage in the Tygron Platform is configured using two GeoTiffs, defining the pressure and resistance spatially. This spatial data, along with a seepage fluctuation, is used to calculate the seepage.

Seepage pressure

Values in the Seepage pressure GeoTiff represent the water head from a region outside the project area, resulting in upward water pressure from deeper regions in the underground. Water will keep seeping in until the local water head is equal to the water head of the region outside the project area, indicated by the supplied geotiff.

Seepage pressure GeoTIFF specification
Description The head of the ground water pressure caused by ground water in higher regions outside the project area.
Value Groundwater head of higher regions. (m + datum)

Seepage resistance

Values in the Seepace resistance GeoTiff represent the resistance of the water head pressure.

Seepage resistance GeoTIFF specification
Description The resistance of the lower layer against the seepage.
Value The number of days it would take to equalize 1 meter of the local groundwater table level with the higher region's water head. (days)


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