Version 2021.3.0

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Version 2021.3.0 is released on (Preview) on Friday June 26th 2020

Parametric Design

  • Option to generate a simple road pattern aligned to existing roads.
  • New functions: main road, road, sidewalk, parking, water and remainder.


  • Added Aerius support for the emissions sectors: Wegverkeer, Wonen en werken, Plan and Mobiele werktuigen.
  • Added a wizard for the Aerius Overlay.
  • Crop damage overlay result types have been added to the Subsidence Overlay. The damage is calculated using the Waterwijzer Landbouw web-api.
  • Water overlays system view (showing Culverts, Inlets etc. ) now updates on changes to Buildings.

Attribute Actions

  • Attribute action is a new type of action which allows stakeholders so add or set attributes of Buildings directly by selection.
  • Attribute actions do not have construction time or construction costs associated with them, which makes them a simpler alternative to the Upgrade Type action on Buildings.


  • Template panels can now be applied to measures and also automatically applied in test runs.
  • Set maximum number of instanced Excels (used by instanced (Template) Excel Panels and Indicators) to 10 000 per project.


  • Added relation building and status to measure TQL.


  • Set multiple attributes logic event has been added for Buildings.


  • Implemented additional security measures for data protection.
  • Streamlined gml data services of project generation.
  • Updated plots data to use the new kadaster v4 data on nationaalgeoregister.
  • Several smaller bug fixes.