Version 2021.8.10

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Version 2021.8.10 is released on (Preview) on Feb 26th 2021


  • Extended 3D visualization to also go below the surface.
  • Go below surface by zooming in, hitting space when walking or using the free cam / cinematic.
  • Added new basement depth for all buildings.
  • Network Distance Overlay: vertical distance between net lines and basements, roots and underground buildings.
  • Net lines now also support a Z (height) coordinate when importing & drawing (using depth variable).
  • Both distance zone and avg overlays support net lines.
  • New button in top-right navigation bar to make the surface transparent.


  • When selecting an overlay as just "A" the lat time frame is selected by default. Consistent with TQL.


  • BGT transmission towers with Top10nl power lines (beta).
  • Metro lines are loaded as underground & surface buildings.
  • DEM is by default 1m resolution now.
  • Improved address search bar in navigation panel.


  • Updated end user conditions for API access for all users.
  • Improved camera zooming behavior.
  • Bugfix for specific parametric design cases.
  • Bugfix for importing I3S models.
  • Bugfix for buying/selling land.
  • Bugfix for parked cars visualization.
  • Several fixes in wizards (icons, texts, bugs).
  • Several smaller bug fixes.