Version 2021.8.4

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Version 2021.8.4 is released on (Preview) on Jan 15th 2021


  • Added support for Y Query, allowing TQL labels in excels to go both per row and column.
  • Attributes can now also be queried per time frame. E.g. weir buildings values in water overlay.


  • Added multiple endpoints to Editor Interface.
  • Added hints for events parameters.
  • Improved API overview / styling.
  • Removed support for deprecated api/services directory.
  • All Items (e.g. buildings, areas) now have their ID visible in the Editor Interface.


  • Added advanced setting to adjust the generated dam with of a weir.
  • Bugfix for non square maps with seepage active.


  • Option to trigger a scheduled update (with SMS) from ribbon bar.
  • Area filter is now called Group By.
  • Improved CPU detection during start-up.
  • Added cinematic control with keyboard arrows.
  • Fixed issue with difference overlay legend.
  • Updated several texts and icons.
  • Several smaller bug fixes.