Version 2021.8.6

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Version 2021.8.6 is released on (Preview) on Jan 29th 2021


  • For consistency: Timeframes in API, TQL, Combo, export panel and the viewer always start from ID=0 instead of ID=1.
  • WARNING: Existing Combo Overlays with a frame number in the formula must be lowered, e.g. A1 -> A0.
  • TIMFRAME_IS_X and -_IS_Y queries are now also supported for GRID_WITH_ATTRIBUTE_IS clauses


  • Improved rendering speed of Overlays with multiple timeframes resulting in smoother movies.
  • Overlay legend displays the frame number and timestamp.
  • Improved WMS performance.

Parametric Design

  • Improved result generation for smaller areas.
  • Improved "save as measure" speed.
  • Added option to ignore existing buildings.
  • Existing buildings are removed when applying the design.
  • Improved water land extrusion.
  • Added the Floor Space Index, Ground Space Index and Open Space Ratio.


  • The risk assessment ( is down for long term maintenance, option is disabled by default.
  • Added more documentation to API and disabled invalid API formats.
  • Fixed issue with culvert visualization.
  • Fixed connection issue with Beamer app.
  • Fixed an issue in the I3S import process
  • Several smaller bug fixes.