Version 2021.8.9

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Version 2021.8.9 is released on (Preview) on Feb 19th 2021

Parametric Design

  • Improved layout of bottom feedback panel.
  • Bugfix for specific use-cases.


  • Added timeframes and years per timeframe to subsidence overlay.
  • Improve area configuration in the subsidence wizard.
  • Added configuration of all climate parameters and start year of subsidence.
  • Clay thickness can alternatively be configured using a geotiff.
  • Fixed issues with ground water level calculation.
  • The maximum subsidence is now limited to the amount of peat in the top layer.
  • Updated and improved the documentation on subsidence.


  • Added tracer support for drainages.
  • Added tracer support for surface mode: grid averaging waterways.

Performance & Limits

  • Reduced maximum amount of excels to 1000.
  • Added warning when project contains more then grid cells in total.
  • Total grid cell amount can be viewed in calculation pop-up.
  • Improved memory handling of large projects.


  • Windmills have label Tower height instead of just height for more clarity.
  • Enabled shadows on low-end systems.
  • Travel distance, only selecting routing area when attribute > 0.
  • Several smaller bug fixes.