Version 2021.9.0

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Version 2021.9.0 is released on (LTS) on March 5th 2021

This is the major update of the LTS for 2021.


  • New Watershed Overlay.
  • Support for wider river weirs and inlets.
  • New avg super-grid model for groundwater.
  • Culvert Generator.
  • Waterwijzer Landbouw overlay.
  • Distributed Rainfall.
  • Other: drains, seepage and arrow visuals.


  • Improved SLPK support.
  • Underground visualization.
  • Improved Parametric Design visuals and options.
  • Transmission towers and power lines.


  • API access for all users.
  • New Combo Overlay that can combine overlay results.


  • Solar panels visualizations.
  • Multiple bug fixes and performance improvements.