Version 2023.1.0

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Version Preview 2023.1.0 is released on on September 2th 2022.

Geo Wizard

  • Supports importing Autocad DXF files.
  • Function mapping can be done via stored GeoPlugins.
  • GeoPlugins support selecting the center point of a geometry, useful for e.g. Trees.
  • CRS override for DXF and GeoJSON files in case it is incorrect or missing.


  • The Breach width is now stored as a attribute array in the Breach Area.
  • Inner water level is measured at 100m behind the breach when an angle is provided.


  • Maps up-to 60x60KM are now supported.
  • Client requires 64GB RAM to connect, direct API access has no restrictions.
  • Several improvements have been made to the Client to support these larger maps.
  • Low-end system have a smaller 3D view port to improve rendering.
  • New Tree visualization system.


  • The AHN2 source is officially no longer supported and is therefore removed.
  • Several smaller bug fixes.