Version 2023.3.0

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Version Preview 2023.3.0 is released on on October 21th 2022.


  • Measures can now also include a GeoTIFF.
  • The Geo-wizard allows adding buildings to existing Measures.


  • Import speed of buildings has been improved.
  • Specific cases (e.g. inner courtyards) are now automatically hatched.


  • You can now switch Scenarios during a testrun from the Ribbon bar.
  • When switching Scenarios the testrun can be restarted automatically.


  • New SOLID attribute defines whether building is part of Surface Model height-map.
  • Windmills are by default solid, hedges are not anymore.
  • TQL can now also query all road categories (road, bridge, intersection) via ROAD_SYSTEM.


  • Are now fully 3D Coordinates.
  • API also shows 3D Coordinates for nodes.

Security Policy

  • Admins can now set two-factor authentication per user level.
  • Admins can force a minimum amount of characters in new passwords.


  • Sun Azimuth, Altitude and Motion values can be requested in the API (event/editorsetting).
  • Improved 3D Viewport performance.
  • Fixed en improved movie rendering.
  • Support for OpenGL 4.6.
  • Several smaller bug fixes.