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To be used in a Template:nav.


  • 1: Name of the group
  • 2..n: Entry in the group. Automatically linkified.
  • 2link..nlink: Replacement for a specific entry in a group, to facilitate defined links. Preferably not used, but can facilitate external links for example. Don't forget to skip the associated number.
  • postappend: What to append every name with. (e.g. "Heat Stress" as text, "Heat Stress Overlay" as link, postappend should be " Overlay")
  • postdepend: What to append every name with, but not the link, opposite of postappend.
  • preappend: What to append every name with. (e.q. "Attribute as text, "Select Attribute" as text, preappend should be "Select&nbsp")
  • group: Title or link, if this is a main group indicator. Should not be used along with 2...n.
  • lc:if present, lowercase the main text of link url itself (not the pre/postfixes, and not the displayed text)

Additional parameters can be generated with:

var itterations=25;

var base='--></noinclude>{{#if:{{{%s|}}}{{{%slink|}}}| • |}}{{#if:{{{%slink|}}}| {{{%slink|}}} |{{linkappend|post={{{postappend|}}}|postd={{{postdepend|}}}| 1={{{%s|}}} }}}}<noinclude><!--';
var output = '                               --></noinclude>{{#if:{{{%slink|}}}| {{{%slink|}}} |{{linkappend|post={{{postappend|}}}|postd={{{postdepend|}}}| 1={{{%s|}}} }}}}<noinclude><!--'.split('%s').join(2);
for (var i=3; i<=itterations ; i++ ) {
    output = output + '\r\n'+base.split('%s').join(i);