How to upload files to the GeoShare

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The GeoShare allows for centralized storage of geo data, which can easily be reused in multiple Projects by other Users. Data on the GeoShare can be browsed and imported on-demand, or can be automatically included in newly created Projects through Geoplugins.

Editor → Current Situation (Ribbon tab) → Geo import (Ribbon bar) → Geo Share (Dropdown)
How to upload a file to the Geo Share:
  1. Ensure the file is in a format which is compatible with the GeoShare.
  2. If the file should be uploaded to a directory which does not exist yet, at the bottom of the GeoShare window, opt to add a directory.
  3. If the file should be uploaded to a directory, click on the directory to open it, and repeat this process until the desired target directory has been reached.
  4. At the bottom of the GeoShare window, click on "Add Files".
  5. In the file selection window, select the file which should be added to the GeoShare.
  6. When the file upload has completed, the file is available on the GeoShare.


  • For any given file, you can click the entry to open the file in a web browser. This way, the url of the file can be obtained.
    • If the browser prompts a download of the file, accept the download, and then check the web browser's download history to obtain the url the file originated from.


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