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Welcome to the Tygron learning page. This page contains all learning materials Tygron has to offer grouped by professional role.

First some generic subjects like the basics and domain management. This kind of information is relevant for all professions.

Then more advanced learning materials are provided, divided per theme which is related to a specific professional role.

Each subject also contains some assignments in order to test your own skillset.

Per subject links to in-depth information are also included in case you would like to know more about a certain topic.

We offer multiple types of learning materials:

In case you have questions during working with the learning materials it is possible to consult Tygron and the Tygron community on the Forum. Here the Tygron support team and other community members are ready to help you to find all the answers you are looking for.



Domain management

Version Control
  • Account management, information about creating new user accounts and the different account types.
  • Main menu, information about all options in the main menu of the Tygron Platform.
  • Version Control, information about how to manage versions of your project.
  • Project rights, information about how to manage the rights per project.

GIS Specialist


Urban planner