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Getting Started with the Tygron Platform

Creating your first Tygron Platform project is done in 2 simple steps: Installing the Tygron Platform and configuring your first project using the Wizard. In this article, you'll learn some basics about how to configure your first project and about the Tygron Platform.

Before you start

Main article:Requirements

The Tygron Platform is a standalone application which means you need to download and install the software on your computer. Make sure your computer meets the minimum system requirements. You also need an account to use the Tygron Platform.

1. Installing the Tygron Platform

Main article:Install

Installing theTygron Platform is easy. Download the application from [1]. Use the download link "Download Windows (64 bit) Installer". The Tygron Platform application will start downloading. Once the download has finished downloading, install it using the installer. When the installation has been completed, use the desktop icon to launch the Tygron Platform. When the Tygron Platform has launched, the Login screen will be presented.

Log on to the Tygron Platform

Main article:Log on to the Tygron Platform
login screen

To use the Tygron Platform Application you need to login. After logging in you get access to the Tygron Platform and can start working on your project. You need a username and a password before you can login.

After entering your credentials, select the 'LOGIN' button to proceed to the main menu. To start with your first project, select "New Project" from the main menu. The Wizard will appear.

2. Wizard

Main article:Wizard

The Wizard helps you configuring the basics for your project.

Navigating the wizard

Choose a name for your project, and choose language, currency and metric system.

The first step of the Wizard is configuring the basic parameters for your project. Start by filling in a name for your project. Select a Language, a currency and a Unit System afterwards.

When satisfied click "Empty Project" to proceed to the next step.

Choose your location

Search a location for your project and choose the Area Size.

The second step of the Wizard is searching and selecting a location for your project and choosing the Area Size. An interesting location could be your home or your work location! Best results will be in "The Netherlands" or "New York". Start by filling in an address (street, city, country) in the search bar. Change the Area Size by dragging the slider.

When satisfied click "Generate Map" to proceed to the next step. Magic will happen and your project will be ready shortly.

3. The Tygron Editor

Once your project has been generated you will be presented with the default layout of the Tygron Editor.

Editor layout

The editor is composed of several sections: the Ribbon, the left panel, the Virtual 3D World, the right panel, and the bottom panel. Each editor panel has its own distinct functionality.

The Tygron Editor. The Ribbon at the top of the screen, the Left Panel on the left side of the screen, the User Main Interface in the center of the screen, the Right Panel on the right side of the screen, and the Bottom Panel at the bottom of the screen.

Navigation in the Tygron Editor