Heat DPRA Module

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This page shows an overview of the Heat Stress Module. For the algorithm prescribed by the DPRA report and the used formulas, see Heat stress theory.

Example of the DPRA Heat Stress overlay showing the Physiological Equivalent Temperature result type.

The Heat DPRA module is a new (as of 2019) Heat Stress Module, developed to be in accordance with the new DPRA Heat stress report. This module is under revision, as is this documentation. However a Beta version of the module is already available on the Preview server for our partners.

Each newly added Heat Overlay uses the Heat DPRA module by default.


The Heat DPRA module can be configured using the Heat Overlay configuration wizard.

For more information on the configurable model attributes, see Heat Overlay model attributes.

Available Result Types

The Heat Overlay allows user to visualize a generated Physiological Equivalent Temperature (PET) overlay, along with other intermediate overlay results. The Heat Overlay wizard allows users to select which results should be generated. For further information on the available results, see Heat Overlay result types.


The formulas and calculation models are documented here.

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