How to export a GeoJSON from QGIS

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When vector-based geodata is loaded in QGIS (regardless of the original format), it can be exported as a GeoJSON file, which makes the format compatible with the Tygron Platform.

How to export a GeoJSON from QGIS:

  1. In QGIS, right-click the layer you wish to export, and opt for Export - > Save Features (as)
  2. A "Save Vector Layer as" window will appear
  3. For the format, select GeoJSON
  4. For the filename, use the button with the 3 dots to set a location and file name.
  5. For the CRS, select whichever CRS is appropriate for the data.
  6. Select "OK". This will export the data into the specified file.
  7. There is now a geojson file which can be uploaded to a project in the Tygron Platform.