How to remove Attributes from multiple Items

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To accommodate the removal of an Attribute for a large set of components at once, the Remove Attribute panel was added.

This panel allows users to remove an attribute from multiple items at once. Additionally, users can filter out only specific items based on the configured filter.

How to open the panel

Open the remove attributes panel by going to editor top bar. Next, hover a component that has attributes such as Areas.

Select an attribute

Select an attribute from the list and click on the select button. Alternatively double click on the attribute.


To improve the usability of this panel, generic filters have been added. Some components also have additional filters. For example, Buildings have an additional Category filter.

Option 1: No filter

Option 1: No filter, so all components of this type considered.

Option 2: Filter on attribute

Option 2: A filter requiring the component to have the specified attribute.

Option 3: Filter on attribute and value

Option 3: A filter requiring the component to have the specified attribute and its value to be in the specified range.