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Standardized parameters for a specific theme (part of the software, a specific module, etc). This allows multiple navigation blocks, button templates, and other templates with styling to be consistent in their display.

The output of a theme template without a parameter must be empty, because templates which can be provided with a theme will check whether the provided theme is valid by checking whether it results in an empty output (if the page does not exist, default mediawiki behavior is to print a link to the template.)


  • name The name of the theme
  • mainlink: The link to the main article of the theme
  • image: The main image/logo of the theme
  • buttons: The name of the template which has this module's nav buttons. Note that it must be the name of the template, not a transclusion of the template. ("this", not "{{this}}").
  • color: The main color of the theme
  • textcolor: The text color of the theme