Version 2021.4.0

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Version 2021.4.0 is released on (Preview) on July 22th 2020


  • Added support for groundwater seepage.
  • Increase time steps for weir heights and inlet Q from 100 -> 10.000.
  • Updated Waterwijzer Landbouw from version 1.1.0 to new 2.0.0 version.


  • Multi import of wizard object attributes using CSV.
  • CSV's can now contain Timestamps as time keys. The format can be configured in the Project's Settings.
  • Measurements can now be viewed in the Editor and imported/exported.
  • Most Items (buildings, areas, etc) can be exported using CSV.
  • Updated to latest JTS 17 Library for e.g. faster polygon intersection calculations.
  • Improved compatibility for different WFS server types.


  • Stricter name checking implemented.
  • Attribute names can no longer start with a digit or XML.
  • INDEX_X now returns 100 indices.


  • Experimental Travel Distance Overlay.
  • Small improvements to Aerius Overlay's results
  • Several smaller bug fixes.