Version 2021.8.0

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Version 2021.8.0 is released on (Preview) on Dec 3rd 2020

Combo Overlay

  • New Combo Overlay that can combine results from up to 3 grid overlays.
  • Combo supports all basic operators (e.g. add, max, avg, sqrt, less than, equals).
  • The Average, WWL and Watershed Overlays support Combo Overlays as input.
  • Combo supports timeframes and Globals.


  • Rainfall can now be configured as areas distributed over the project area. Up to 100 areas are supported, allowing e.g. moving rain showers.
  • Transpiration of plants has been improved, by using the Feddes Trapezium instead of a single root depth value.
  • Drainage systems (with or without active pumping) have been added.
  • New result types: groundwater direction, groundwater flow and rainfall.
  • Improved Water wizard icons, text and underground inlet feedback.
  • Improved calculation speed for small maps with timeframes.
  • Substances have been renamed to "tracers"
  • Adjusted the Functions step in the wizard


  • New floating solar panel models
  • Option to delete all Areas belonging to a filter.
  • Several smaller bug fixes.