Version 2021.8.7

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Version 2021.8.7 is released on (Preview) on Feb 5th 2021


  • Added X-Query for existing (pre testrun) buildings.
  • Limited X-Query to 64K rows and Y-Query to 16K columns.
  • Bugfix for update query building with specific ID.


  • Improved open land mapping.
  • Bugfix for I3S import in measures.


  • Support more overlays for Weather flood visualization.
  • Improved caching and renders peed of Weather visualization.
  • Add min/max elevation map as advanced option.
  • Bugfix for changing water structures that resulted in errors.
  • Wateroverlay feedback on custom timeframes and CSV title recognition.


  • Renamed gameName to projectName in API Logs.
  • Duplicate events return new item ids.
  • Improved response codes/errors of API.


  • Added progress bar to Overlay legend panel.
  • Bugfix in Item Measurement overlay selection.
  • Bugfix for excel download issues.
  • Several smaller bug fixes.