How to import data from a WFS

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The Tygron Platform can connect directly to an external WFS to retrieve data to import into a Project. For this, a definition of the WFS must be present in the Project's data, which can then be accessed in the Geo Data Wizard.

Editor → Current Situation (Ribbon tab) → Geo import (Ribbon bar)
How to import data from a WFS:
  1. import data from a WFS
  2. Ensure the Project as a Project Source for the WFS to obtain the data from.
  3. Open the Geo Data Wizard.
  4. Select the Item type which the data should be imported as.
  5. Opt to import data from a WFS source.
  6. Select the WFS Project Source from which data needs to be imported.
  7. Select the appropriate layer of the data source from which data needs to be imported.
  8. Depending on the Project Source type, additional parameters may be added to further define which data to import.
  9. If applicable, opt to filter features based on a specific Attribute in the data.
  10. Opt whether to add the data as new Items to the Project, or to update the Attributes of existing Items.
  11. If applicable, select how to name the new Items.
  12. Select which Attributes should be imported. When importing new data, it is generally possible to import all. When updating data, it is preferable to be more selective.
  13. Finish the wizard. The data will now be imported.