How to remove a Category from a Function

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When a Function is part of multiple Function Categories, it is possible to remove Categories from it. A Function must have at least one Category at all times.

Editor → Current Situation (Ribbon tab) → Buildings (Ribbon bar) → Edit Function Values (Dropdown)
How to remove a Category from a Function:
  1. If the Function you wish to remove the Category from is not yet present in the list, add the Function to the list.
  2. Select the Function from which you wish to remove a Category.
  3. If the Function does not yet have more than 1 Category, add an additional Category to the Function.
  4. In the list, in the set of rows associated with the Function, select the Category of the Function you wish to remove.
  5. Select "Delete Category".


  • All Functions must have at least one Category. If the Function from which a Category has to be removed only has one Category, an additional Category must be added to the Function before removing the existing one.


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