How to manually adjust Indicators in Excel

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How to manually adjust Indicators in Excel:
  1. Go to Current Situation -> Indicators, "Add" a new Excel indicator in the bottom left corner.
  2. "Select Excel sheet" (in the middle right of the screen) of the desired new indicator (downloaded from the Public GeoShare).
  3. Import the new Excelsheet.
  4. The indicator should be visible in the top bar.
  5. "Update" platform.
  6. Press "Debug Excelsheet".
  7. Save the Debugged Excelsheet with the desired name.
  8. Open this file in Excel.
  9. Adjust the values in the column with the desired values (e.g. targets for each neighborhood) and save the file.
  10. Go back to the Tygron platform and press "select Excelsheet" again and "import" or "update" the saved Excelsheet.