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Network with Net Nodes connected by Net Lines, Net Loads clustered by Net Clusters and configured by Net Settings

Networks in the platform are composed of multiple constituent components:

  • Net Type: A categorization of the network.
  • Net Nodes: A node present in one or more networks
  • Net Lines: A connection between two net nodes
  • Net Loads: A definition of supply or demand in the network
    • Belongs to a particular net type
    • Is associated to net node.
    • Can be activated or deactivated with specific time states.
  • Net Clusters: Cluster of net loads that provides group (de)activation.
  • Net Settings: Settings related to the configuration of a Network of a specific Net Type.

Net type

Each network is related to a predefined resource type. This is known as the net type. The network then is the system through which resources travels from elements of supply to elements of demand. Each network of a separate type is a separate entity, and networks of different types do not affect each other. The following network types are currently available:

  • GAS
  • HEAT

Restrictions on networks

  • Networks cannot contain any cycles. All networks should be defined as a tree. If the network is not structured as a tree, network generation and other calculations may have unexpected results.
  • A net node can be connected to 1, 2, or more net lines, except when that node is a load node. In that case, a net node can only be connected to exactly 1 net line.
  • Behavior for networks linked with buildings which are altered during a session are undefined. When using network functionality, the buildings linked to by the network should not be demolished, upgraded, sold to other stakeholders, or otherwise changed.


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