Network Distance Overlay

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This functionality is currently in BETA.
Read more about Beta features.
The Network Distance Overlay showing how much distance there is between Constructions and underground Net lines.

The Network Distance Overlay is a Grid Overlay which displays the distance (if any) between underground Net lines and Constructions which extend into the underground.

For each Grid cell, the depth of the Net line is compared to the presence of underground Constructions, and Constructions which are present in the underground. If a conflict is possible in a specific cell, the computed value for that cell is the smallest distance between any Net line and any Construction.

Distance calculation

Net lines are checked for distance against both Constructions above ground and Constructions below ground. This is done based on the Function Values the Construction has. The following details determine the extent of the Construction in the underground for testing distance:

If the Net line's height passes through the extent of the Construction, the computed distance is 0. Otherwise, the distance between either the top or the bottom of the Construction is used.


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