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Sell land is a Special Option that allows Stakeholders to draw a selection of an area of one or more plots that they wish to sell to an other Stakeholder.

After drawing the selection, a Land sell panel opens where the selling Stakeholder provides the price per square meter, which in combination with the selection area leads to a total sell price.

This is turned into a request for the Stakeholder it is send to. This request is visible for that stakeholder in the 3D Visualization as a popup. The selling stakeholder will see a waiting on request popup. Clicking on it opens the popup panel with the sell land request. The receiving Stakeholder can opt to:

  • Accept to buy.
  • Decline the proposal.
  • Close the panel and ignore the proposal. This results in the case where the request will remain active and visible in the 3D Visualization.

When plots of land are sold, plots are either split or transferred fully to the new owner, including the Building's that are on top of it.


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