Industrial runoff (Indicator)

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The industrial runoff indicator calculates how much industry is within 20 meters of a body of water. This allows some insight into the risk of water being contaminated by industrial processes due to their proximity to water bodies. This insight into the industrial runoff potential is useful when dealing with use-cases concerning:

  • Spatial quality of life
  • Biodiversity and nature
  • Pollution and waste

This Excel indicator can be downloaded from the Public GeoShare. Read on to find out more about the indicator's calculation method and how to set it up in your project.

Indicator panel

The industrial runoff indicator.

The indicator panel shows the following information:

  • The amount of industry in a neighborhood
  • The amount of water in a neighborhood
  • The amount of industry which is near water in that neighborhood. (Including industry which is in another neighborhood.)


The indicator will calculate per neighborhood the amount of water with industry nearby. This can also be industry in another neighborhood but close to the water of the neighborhood in question. Industry is considered near water when it is within 20 meters of the water. This determination is made by computing a buffer of 20 meters around the water, and counting all the industrial lotsize within that buffered area.

The indicator performs the following calculation

  • Determine amount of water in the neighborhood
  • Determine the lotsize of industry-type constructions within 20 meters of the neighborhood's water
  • Determine the ratio of water and the amount of industry within 20 meters of the neighborhood's water
  • Scale the resulting ratio to a range of 0% to 10%.
  • Invert the ratio to compute the score (a lower ratio is a better score).


The total score is determined by the ratio of industry near water over the total amount of water. The lower the ratio, the better.

For legibility, when used with absolute score, a ratio of 1:10 equals a score of 0%.

Additional configurations

The indicator can also be loaded in as a panel. When opened, it will highlight the locations where industry is close to the water.