List of Keyboard Shortcuts

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Below a list of the available Keyboard Shortcuts in the Tygron Platform

General Shortcuts

Action Key Combination
Save Project CTRL+S
Reset to Start Values CTRL+R
Duplicate CTRL+D
Remove CTRL+X
Clipboard CTRL+C

Current Situation

Action Key Combination
Show Buildings CTRL+ Shift+B
Change Terrain Type CTRL+ Shift+T
Show Neighborhoods CTRL+ Shift+N
Show Zoning Plan CTRL+ Shift+Z
Show Areas CTRL+ Shift+A
Show Overlays CTRL+ Shift+O
Show Indicators CTRL+ Shift+I
Show Panels CTRL+ Shift+P
TQL Query Tool CTRL+ Shift+Q
Import New Geo Data CTRL+ Shift+G

Future Design

Action Key Combination
Show Measures CTRL+ Shift+M
Show Levee Types CTRL+ Shift+L
Show Upgrade Types CTRL+ Shift+U
Show Event Bundles CTRL+ Shift+E


Action Key Combination
Show Sun Angle CTRL+ Shift+S
Start Free Camera Navigation CTRL+0
Return to Normal Camera Navigation CTRL+9
Show Frontpage CTRL+ Shift+W


Action Key Combination
Screenshot/watermark mode CTRL+ALT+G


* For more information on the use of keyboard shortcuts in the Tygron Platform, see the video below (Dutch only):
Shortcuts in the Tygron Platform (Dutch only)