Neighborhoods Overlay

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Example of the Neighborhoods Overlay

The Neighborhoods overlay shows the division of the project area in neighborhoods. These neighborhoods can contain statistical data concerning the whole neighborhood, stored as attribute values.
The data used for this overlay is from the CBS Wijk- en Buurtkaart. See for more information on this dataset the project sources page.
If the project is from a location outside the Netherlands or an empty map, the Neighborhoods overlay will show a division in 4 equal parts: Northwest, Northeast, Southwest and Southeast.

Additional information displayed in hover panel

Hover panel displays additional information

When clicking on a specific location in the map, the hover panel gives additional information about the:

  • name of the neighborhood
  • the number of households
  • the number of inhabitants
  • the population density
  • the coverage percentage
  • the average household

Keep in mind that the data presented is for the entire neighborhood, even if your project only contains a small part of that neighborhood. It is not recalculated for the part that is within your project.



  • The Neighborhood overlay is added by default when creating a new project.