Waterwijzer Overlay

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This functionality is currently unavailable or non-functional.

The waterwijzer overlay provides the yield loss of crops based on several input parameters. The yield loss is currently calculated by the Waterwijzer Landbouw module, which is described here.


The Waterwijzer Overlay results can be used to:

  • Calculate the yield loss based on existing crops for currently known highest and lowest groundwater levels.
  • Calculate the yield loss for crops when using different groundwater level management strategies simulated by a Groundwater Overlay or a Subsidence Overlay.
  • Determine the best type of crop per parcel given the highest and lowest groundwater levels and type of soil.


The Waterwijzer Overlay calculates yield loss for agriculture crops based on:


  • The Overlay makes use specifically of version 2.0.0 of the Waterwijzer tool.
  • The irrigation parameter, which in the Waterwijzer tool is active for a number of the crop types, is currently not taken into account.

Result types

The overlay offers multiple result types. Each result type expresses the yield loss due to specific circumstances as a percentage.

  • Waterwijzer damage dry.jpeg
  • Waterwijzer damage wet.jpeg
  • Waterwijzer damage indirect.jpeg
  • Waterwijzer damage salt.jpeg
  • Waterwijzer damage total.jpeg



A Waterwijzer Overlay can be configured by opening the Waterwijzer Overlay Wizard. More in-depth information can be found under each of the categories below.